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UK-based developer team building cutting edge applications and websites for clients worldwide.

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Recently we launched a new service called Launchpad24.

The idea was borne from conversations with clients, and particularly startups, to have a cost-effective and fast way to get high-quality but simple landing pages up, to enable them to test new product offerings rapidly.

Launchpad24 is our way of addressing this need. Instead of lengthy back-and-forths with web designers and developers, an ever increasing spiral of costs, we promise to build a quality custom one-page website in under 24 hours, for a flat fee. Sure, there are limitations to building it in 24 hours – customisations are limited to some extent – but we still reckon our sites would answer most customer needs. We can integrate sign-up forms, and even payment systems. In addition, we incorporate Google Analytics event tracking on every button on the page, so that our clients can see exactly what site visitors are clicking on.

Here’s our first example, the new landing page for Co:tripping, built in one day.


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