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Last Wednesday, Beth Moseley (@MoseleyPhoto), Ninnie Lear (The Wingman Norwich), and I decided to do an evening Microadventure to the North-Norfolk coast. Microadventures, a brilliant concept invented by Alastair Humphreys, involves taking short trips to explore spots in your locale that you otherwise might ignore, or just doing something a bit different for an evening/night. I say invented, but really he just gave a name to something most teenagers do all the time, but that becomes more unusual as age and responsibilities kick in. We left Norwich at 5.30pm and headed to Waxham, a beach on the Norfolk coast. Arriving at […]

On Wednesday I built a site for Kara Cantrell, a startup dating consultant, who needed a site to showcase her professional services. The brief was to make a site that appeals to men (her target clients) but that also reflects her personality. It needed to be friendly and welcoming. Having browsed some other dating consultant websites, I came to the conclusion that this is one industry where people do not care how bad their websites look. Yep, I said it. Some terrible examples out there. This made me more determined to make Kara stand out from the pack. Kara provided […]

Recently we launched a new service called Launchpad24. The idea was borne from conversations with clients, and particularly startups, to have a cost-effective and fast way to get high-quality but simple landing pages up, to enable them to test new product offerings rapidly. Launchpad24 is our way of addressing this need. Instead of lengthy back-and-forths with web designers and developers, an ever increasing spiral of costs, we promise to build a quality custom one-page website in under 24 hours, for a flat fee. Sure, there are limitations to building it in 24 hours – customisations are limited to some extent […]

I wanted to create a design that represents Norwich, the greatest city in the UK. My idea was to recreate the colourful rooftops of the Norwich market. I made the design in Adobe Illustrator… (this is actually version two of the design, with less colours to stop t-shirt printers from freaking out when I show them the design. They still freak out anyway.) Obviously no campaign would be complete without a meme. Once I had the design ready, I successfully funded the t-shirts using a cool crowd-funding site called Fabrily. “Finally, a t-shirt inspired by daily life on the pedestrianised […]