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Bob the Blackbird’s story

Meet Bob. Bob is a blackbird. He has a condition called leucism, which caused his feathers to lose their pigmentation.

This is his story.
20141222-01 - BDfhvIO
Bob lives in our front garden.
20141222-02 - d5khrIb
Bob wasn’t always white. In fact, he started out black, but gradually changed colour over period of months.
20141222-03 - Hq868Dy
Bob likes to have baths.
20141222-04 - gDUj3SC
Bob is always showing up to check on us. Sometimes he waits outside the window.
20141222-05 - clpPxXp
Sometimes he joins us for breakfast in the garden.
20141222-06 - AgoKIb4
Sometimes he follows us to the neighbour’s house.
20141222-07 - C29DNRD
Bob even had his photo in the local newspaper.
20141222-08 - 4Jegvwp
We did a silverwork course and made a brooch in Bob’s image. In hindsight, we should have made Bob a lot rounder.
20141222-09 - ZksYKy3
We designed some Bob t-shirts for his local fans (my dad and me). We put them online and asked people to vote for their favourite.
20141222-10 - QThVEfh
20141222-11 - ggVcBVB
Then we had them made. They turned out great.
20141222-12 - 2UPYR3s

We posted Bob’s story on Reddit, and he gained a few fans:

image-138 image-137 image-136 image-135 image-134 image-133 image-132 image-131 image-130
Here’s to Bob.
20141222-13 - K2CFV9R