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Norwich T-shirt design

I wanted to create a design that represents Norwich, the greatest city in the UK.

My idea was to recreate the colourful rooftops of the Norwich market.

Norwich Market
Norwich Market

I made the design in Adobe Illustrator… (this is actually version two of the design, with less colours to stop t-shirt printers from freaking out when I show them the design. They still freak out anyway.)

Obviously no campaign would be complete without a meme.

Once I had the design ready, I successfully funded the t-shirts using a cool crowd-funding site called Fabrily.


“Finally, a t-shirt inspired by daily life on the pedestrianised streets of Norwich city centre!”, we hear you cry. Well cry on, because not only does this t-shirt evoke memories of the sights and sounds of a casual stroll down Gentleman’s Walk, it’s also an instant conversation starter. Only your savviest friends will be able to correctly identify the origins of the design, while the vast majority will gawk in confusion until you explain, making you look both clever and stylish.

“This is the look I’ve been waiting for. I bought three, one for each of my girlfriends.” – B. Oddy

An ideal gift for loved ones, or enemies if they’re Ipswich fans, the Norwich State Of Mind shirt truly encapsulates what it is to be from Norwich.

Have you worked out what it is yet?

41 t-shirts sold! The quality was fine but not perfect, so I’m currently looking at other t-shirt suppliers before taking this baby to the streets of Norwich. Get in touch if you want to order one 🙂

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